Mr. Mohiuddin Ahmad


Honourable Founder

Once I dreamt, Bangladesh would be a hunger and unemployment free country in the world. To materialize my dream I established a Publication House named Khoshroz Kitab Mahal in 1944. In the 1980-90 decade it was impossible to establish a paper manufacturing company in private sector because all paper mills were run by the Government. Inspite of the adversities I was dreaming to establish a paper manufacturing Company. As there was no permission for establishing paper manufacturing Company in private sector, I established Paper Manufacturing & Paper converting Company as Joint Venture project with the Government named 1) Magura Paper Mills Ltd, 2) Bangladesh Monospool Paper manufacturing Company Ltd. & 3) Paper Processing & Packaging Ltd. Now more than 5000 People are working in these institutions.

I was always thinking that the industries should be environment pollution free. As such I was thinking to do something for saving the environment. Bricks are important construction material but bricks producing system in Bangladesh is very harmful for environment. I intended to develop the sector and make pollution free. Accordingly in 2015 I contacted with UNDP & ADB. Taking their proper suggestions I formed ‘National Development Company Ltd.’ and established an auto bricks factory under its management to manufacture Environmental pollution free bricks.

As Magura is my home district it was my dream to do something in Magura and from this dream I established this auto brick factory at Krishnopur, Bogia, Magura Sadar, Magura, Bangladesh. Now more than 1000 people are working in this project. I want to give special thanks to ADB and Janata Bank Ltd. for investing in this project and also thankful to UNDP for their special technical suggestions.

Mr. Mostafa Jamal Mohiuddin

Managing Director

Honourable Managing Director

I am very much optimistic that you will find this profile fairly informative to avail our diversified range of Auto Bricks. Hope that you will surely enjoy the benefit of using our Auto Bricks in the years to come. In the mean time, please feel free to contact us for further details or to arrange any symposium for ensuring guaranteed supply support towards the prosperity of your esteemed organization.

Organization and details of our wide range of materials are Described in this Profile. National Development Company Limited is the name of environment based auto bricks as per requirement of constructing your desired building, project, road or any other construction. You will be enthused to know our prominent customers. We supply quality auto bricks like number-1 Solid Bricks, Picket, 3 Hole, 6 Hole & 10 Hole. We have already supplied our bricks to many government & Multinational Construction firm. we are very much proud that our bricks are used to build our pride of Padma bridge.

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